With the decentralization of today’s marketplaces, services and networks, the aging market of retail remains mostly untapped by technology, stuck with inefficiencies on logistics, payments, service quality and accounting. Bizkey is a feature-ready platform introducing intelligent blockchain-based POS systems (Biz-POS) that support a variety of powerful applications to streamline and re-integrate merchants into the digital era, laying a solid foundation for the new era of ubiquitous digital lifestyles.

Bizkey’s solutions will re-integrate
retail into the global economy

  • Unlocking Under-utilized
    transaction data

    WeChat, Alipay, Amazon and other key providers are aggregating merchant’s historical transaction data without giving any benefits in return, even developing competing products.

  • Establishing Trust

    Businesses with their transaction history can build up credit and gain access to loans directly and conveniently through our network

  • Token Rewards

    Bizkey will anonymize, aggregate and monetize the flow of transactions, converting this value into token rewards for merchants and consumers alike to further grow the ecosystem

  • Easy-integration

    Bizkey’s frontend and backend infrastructure is supported by a robust API, enabling third parties to easily integrate their services and applications into our POS systems.

  • Modern Payments

    Our POS technology and infrastructure allows all forms of fiat and crypto payments to transact at extremely low cost, working hand in hand with a large pool of payment gateways

  • Ease of Implementation

    With over 500,000 established merchants already using our POS software and hardware, we can implement our solution overnight with minimal disruption to established business processes

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